Even though Gwyneth Paltrow has lost her passion for acting, she still gave an amazing performance when she played Georgina Hobart in Netflix’s The Politician. Thanks to her kids — Apple Martin, 15, and Moses Martin, 13 — Gwyn was able to tackle her character — who’s a mom of three — in a way she never could before.

“Yes, I think it certainly helps when you have parallels in life with a character that you’re playing. It certainly helped me to understand how deep a mother’s love is,” the 47-year-old recently explained to the U.K.’s OK! magazine.

Gwyneth Paltrow Kids

Apple and Moses have taught their mom a lot more than how to give and receive love too. They also taught her the meaning of sacrifice.

“Mothers sacrifice all the time for their children. Most of the time we don’t think of it as a sacrifice because our children are our first priorities,” she said. “To be a mother is such a deep and profound thing for many of us. I think there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with motherhood and we sometimes put ourselves low down on the list of priorities, but that’s just part of the beautiful thing about being a mother.”

The Politician was created by Gwyneth’s husband, Brad Falchuk, and the TV writer/producer’s colleagues, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. When Gwyn was asked what it was like to work with her soulmate, she said it was a really “great experience.”

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“He’s the only person I think could have really got me back to filming. It’s been fun,” she gushed about him. “I love when he directs. He’s my favorite director and we talk about work at home. I mean, we have other stuff to talk about as well — but it was a great experience.”

We can’t wait to see what other projects Gwyneth and Brad tackles in the future, but when they’re at home and they’re not talking about work, they’re probably talking about their kids. Aside from being a stepdad to Gwyneth’s children, Brad is also a proud father to his daughter, Isabella, and his son, Brody.

“I am a musical person and my children are very musical, so we have a musical household,” Gwyn gushed about what life is like at home. “My children play the guitar, piano and drums, so there’s always a lot of happy sounds emanating from various rooms. I play a little bit of guitar. I have to practice, though. It’s been a while.”

Gwyn has one big happy family!