Cold feet, Amal?

In a new interview, George Clooney admitted it took his now-wife, Amal Clooney, nearly a half-an-hour to answer his April 2014 proposal because he totally “dropped” the idea of marriage on her from out of nowhere!

“When I asked her, we had never talked about it, so it was all — there wasn’t like a, ‘Maybe we should get married.’ Literally, I dropped it on her,” the 54-year-old actor said.

george clooney and amal clooney

George and Amal on May 4, 2015. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

According to George, when he got down on one knee to pop the question, Amal, 37, didn’t answer at first and just kept saying, “Oh my God” and “Wow.”

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“And you know, I just said — I’m 53 at the time — ‘I’ve been on my knee now for 28 minutes, so I gotta get an answer out of this ’cause I’m gonna throw a hip out. I might not be able to stand back up,’” he joked.

Luckily, the London-based barrister did say “Yes,” and the couple later married in a lavish ceremony in Venice, Italy in September 2014.

“I have someone I can talk to about anything, and someone who I care more about than I’ve cared about anybody. So it’s really nice,” George told CBS News of their union on Tuesday, May 19.