Let’s face it: nobody can let it go — which means the fact that Frozen 2 will be reaching theaters this November is great news for millions of fans. Even though November isn’t that far away at this point, Disney is giving us a taste of the film by releasing the first full trailer for the highly anticipated sequel.

In the tradition of Pixar films like Toy Story and The Incredibles, there wouldn’t be a Frozen 2 if the powers that be at Disney didn’t feel they had a genuine story worth telling. While nobody’s spilling details about the plot, cowriter and co-director Jennifer Lee told Variety, “The focus will be on Elsa and Anna, but it will be bigger and more epic than the first film. They’re going to go far out of Arendelle.”


(Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Over at ScreenCrush.com Jennifer added, “I’m in that locked down, can’t-say-anything mode, but we’re in the story room every day. But in a fun way [co-director] Chris Buck and I, and Bobby Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez, our songwriters, we just grounded ourselves in the characters and the journey that is absolutely true to them. That’s how we’re approaching it, and that’s what we’ll do. I can’t wait for people to see what we’ve done.”

Helping her immensely was the fact that she actually wrote journals for the characters of Elsa and Anna when she was working on the script. “I think it’s a really important part of the process,” she said. “You have to find their voices and to do that, you have to go from inside out. You have to talk about their vulnerabilities. Let them confess to you. The wonderful thing is how much those characters, each one of them, spoke differently, and that’s a good sign. When they can say different things to you, and you realize it’s not yourself, but it’s who this character is, that’s when you know you’ve found them.”

Returning for the sequel are Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff and Josh Gad as Olaf. Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown are a part of the voice cast as well.

Frozen 2 will be released on November 22, 2019.