Reese Witherspoon received a lot of criticism online for her decision to eat snow, but the actress is not backing down from the haters.

Reese, 47, sparked an online debate when she posted a TikTok video on January 19, sharing a recipe for “Chocochinnos.” The Morning Show actress scooped snow into mugs and added salted caramel syrup and chocolate syrup on top. Then, she decided to add some cold brew to have a “yummy coffee flavor,” assuring her followers that it was “so good.”

Underneath the video, viewers raised concerns about whether or not it was safe to eat snow.

“No no no … snow is not made to eat … [you] can get seriously sick,” one person wrote, while another added, “Fallen snow can be very dirty from the air and wind.”

Another asked, “Will it cause your stomach to churn and turn?” In another comment, one person echoed, “Isn’t snow dirty?”

After sparking an online debate with her go-to snow day snack, Reese posted several videos on TikTok while responding to the negative comments.

“OK, so we’re kind of in a category of ‘You only live once,’ and it snows maybe once a year here. I don’t know! Also, I want to say something: It was delicious. It was so good,” the Oscar winner said.

Reese Witherspoon eats snow in a mug
Courtesy of Reese Witherspoon/TikTok

She also explained that she grew up drinking unfiltered water and is perfectly fine years later.

“OK, talking about the snow not being filtered, I didn’t grow up drinking filtered water,” Reese continued. “We drank out of the tap water. We actually put our mouths on the tap and then sometimes, like in the summer, when it was hot, we drank out of the hose, like, we put our mouth on the hose, growing up.”

The Big Little Lies star added, “Maybe that’s why I’m like this. So, what you’re saying to me is I have to filter the snow before I eat it? I just can’t. Filtered snow. I don’t know how to do that.”

It’s been a busy few weeks for Reese, who attended the Golden Globe Awards with son Deacon on January 7 and the Critics’ Choice Awards with daughter Ava on January 14. It was also revealed that Reese is in talks with pal Nicole Kidman to develop Big Little Lies season 3.

“We are working on it,” Reese said on the Golden Globes red carpet. “Nic and I have been working on it a lot.”