With his kids growing up fast, Ethan Hawke has had to give them tons of advice as they reach different stages in their lives. But when it comes to love, the Oscar winner revealed that he wants no part of sharing his dating words of wisdom.

“One of the most important things about being a parent when people go through adolescence is that advise only when asked,” the 48-year-old, who shares daughter Maya, 20, and son Levon, 16, with ex-wife Uma Thurman, recently told Us Weekly. “Teenagers sniff out hypocrisy. You can tell someone not to smoke all you want, but if you smoke, they won’t care. You can say to them not to lie, but if you lie, it doesn’t matter, and if you don’t lie, you don’t have to tell them.”

Actor Ethan Hawk visits actress Uma Thurman and his kids for Halloween
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Ethan added that his eldest daughter, Maya, doesn’t mind being a little sassy when it comes to receiving friendly advice from her father. “Every time I try to offer my daughter advice, she says, ‘You think I don’t know that? You think I don’t know that that’s what you think? I’ve been living with you all these years, I know exactly what you think! Doesn’t mean I want to do it!'” Ha!

The acting stud tied the knot with Uma, also 48, in 1998 but they divorced just seven years later in 2005. He then moved on with Ryan Hawke, whom he married in 2008. Ethan also shares daughters Clementine, 10, and Indiana, 7, with his new wife.

Since his daughters from his second marriage are still young, the Rules for a Knight author revealed he enjoys doing plays instead of films at this point in his career so he can spend more time with his family. “I always say [plays are] better, but my wife says it’s not because it steals your soul,” he joked. “Every day is priority around 8 o’clock.”

Ethan also admitted that he’s never been happier today and is totally embracing aging as he gets older in the spotlight. “There are certain things you lose [when you get older], but anyone who has an over-worshipful relationship to their youth doesn’t remember what it’s like to be young,” he explained. “We’re all scared of dying, but being young has its own traps and difficulties. I’m much happier now.”

However, he does acknowledge that it’s easier for men to age in Hollywood. “For women, it’s really hard all the time. Male actors, I think, have a better understanding of what the average women goes through, just because people talk about it so much,” Ethan dished. “But it doesn’t bother men because it’s reality and people are so scared of reality, but it’s just the truth. You know, the option is dying. Do you want to be James Dean? I was friends with River Phoenix. I’m grateful to be 48 years old.” We love Ethan just the way he is!