What a transformation!

In a new interview with People, radio host Elvis Duran opened up about his recent 100-pound weight loss — and revealed it was Dr. Oz who finally convinced him to get fit!

When the 50-year-old host of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show previously moved from NYC to New Jersey his health “went down,” the star explained. “I bloated up and gained a ton of weight, and it wasn’t good,” he added.

elvis duran and dr. oz

Elvis with Dr. Oz in May 2012 before his 100-pound weight loss.

It wasn’t until a recent appearance on The Dr. Oz Show that Elvis really had a health wake-up call after the 55-year-old TV physician became alarmed by his high blood pressure.

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“He had this look on his face, and he didn’t say anything on air,” the star recalled. “He came up to me [off-air] and said, ‘I think you should go to the hospital,’ and I said, ‘Well, you’re Dr. Oz.'”

elvis duran

Elvis after his weight loss in July 2015.

“[Dr. Oz] told me, ‘If you have cancer in your body, you are going to do something about it. Obesity is as bad as cancer… Why would you not treat that?'” he continued.

In December 2014, Elvis underwent gastric bypass surgery — a decision he says has undoubtedly changed his life for the better.

“You do have to change the way you look at everything,” he said of his weight loss. “You get full much quicker. It’s good… The problem is my clothes. My a– is saggy in the jeans now.”