Remember in the opening scene of Home Alone when the entire McAllister family (and others) are at the house and there’s chaos everywhere? That’s what we assumed it was like for Eddie Murphy at his place this past Christmas, and that’s because the actor recently showed off his ten kids in a photo, including his new 3-week-old baby Max Charles.

Max, born on Nov. 30, is being held by Eddie’s fiancée Paige Butcher in the photo, as Eddie stands besides them. But that’s not all folks (apologies for the unintentional Looney Tunes reference). Surrounding Eddie were his other nine kids. Yes, nine. Ready for this? There’s his oldest, 29-year-old Eric, and then there’s Christian, 28, 11-year-old daughter Angel Iris, and daughters Bella Zahra, 16, Zola Ivy, 19, and Shayne Audra, 24. Deep breath everyone. Last but not least there’s Bria and 26-year-old Miles Mitchell. Oh, and we can’t forget Izzy, who Eddie is holding. And no need to scratch your head, that’s Paige’s mom besides her. What a family.

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Merry Christmas!!! 🎄

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Aside from Paige, there are four other moms to Eddie’s kids, including Nicole Murphy, Spice Girl Melanie “Mel B” Brown, Tamara Hood Johnson, and Paulette McNeely. And this just proves that while the actor hasn’t been making magic on the big screen in years, at least he’s been making magic elsewhere. And no, we will not apologize for that joke.

Eddie and Paige
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Early last year, The Nutty Professor star commented on how he stays away from dirty diapers. “I don’t change diapers… ’cause I would be horrible at it, and that’s not fair to the child,” the comedian joked to Extra. And even though Eddie is busy being a father to a small town, that does not mean he hasn’t made time for his movie career. The 57-year-old can next be seen in Dolemite Is My Name, the story of performer Rudy Ray Moore. A long-awaited fourth sequel to Beverly Hills Cop has also been announced.