TV host Drew Carey is at the top of his game — as well as all the games on The Price Is Right! Once a comedian and actor known for his self-titled ABC sitcom, this Cleveland native is now thriving in his role as Bob Barker’s successor on the long-running game show. But, how much do you really know about Drew? Scroll down to learn more about the star!

He’s lost a lot of weight — he’s down 100 pounds!

We’ve been seeing a lot less of Drew lately, so to speak, thanks to his triple-digit weight loss. The TV star says he drank heavily and ate a lot of junk food during his years on The Drew Carey Show, but once he realized he had to take care of himself if he wanted to be around for Connor — the son of his ex and a kid to whom he’s still a father figure — he shed nearly 100 pounds.

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Drew in 2003 (left) and 2017 (right).

“I had to change my whole belief system [around dieting],” he told Success in 2016. “It wasn’t like, ‘Eat this for 90 days and lose 20 pounds.’ It was: ‘Eat like this for the rest of your life.’ I’m not a maniac about it… I mean, I was at a wedding on Saturday, and I ate cake. But 95 percent of the time, I’m right on the money.”

He was once engaged to Nicole Jaracz

Drew popped the question to Nicole, then a recent culinary school grad, in 2007 — just a week before he started filming The Price Is Right. In 2012, however, the couple announced the end of their engagement. “He and Nicole still have a great deal of love and affection for one another,” his rep said at the time. “He will still be very involved with their son’s life.”

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Drew and Nicole in 2011.

He’s been hosting The Price Is Right for a decade now

Now 59, Drew just hit his 10-year anniversary with the game show, and he couldn’t be happier to have all that experience under his belt. “I mean you’d have to put a gun to my head and force me to sit down and watch that first year,” he told Yahoo Entertainment in September. “I thought I was doing OK, but I’m not nearly as loose and feeling in control as I do now. I really feel like I can do anything and I know everything like the back of my hand. I can just walk anywhere on stage and they’ll follow me and before I felt like I needed to stand at a certain place and say a certain thing and I was worried about screwing it up.”

No word on whether Drew is early to bed, early to rise — but it definitely sounds like he’s healthy, wealthy, and wise!