Give us a second to wrap our heads around this. The Gong Show was on TV in the ’70s and ’80s and was hosted by the late Chuck Barris. And now that it’s 2017, in typical fashion, the popular game show has been rebooted. But, this time it’s with a different host.

He calls himself Tommy Maitland (who even is that?), but he’s really the uncredited Mike Myers — allegedly. Since it’s never been totally 100 percent confirmed by him, ABC, or anyone for that matter, fans are just going with it for now. He claims he’s a British comedian, but if you watch the revival for one second, you’ll know right away that it’s actually just Mike hidden behind a lot (and we mean a lot) of makeup.

mike meyers tommy maitland getty images

Mike (left) and Tommy (right).

And now that we’re safely assuming it’s him (who else could it be?!), we’re just dying to know why the Austin Powers star would take on this rather odd role alongside the new producer, Will Arnett (he’s the one who used to be married to Amy Poehler). The weirdest part of all is that this Tommy Maitland character has a full bio on the show’s website that literally explains why.

“He loves comedy, so he often went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to watch young comics. Will Arnett, who was doing stand-up at one of the festivals, approached and befriended him,” the description reads. “Desperately wanting to work with Tommy, Arnett tried for years to come up with a gig that was suitable for his immense talent, and The Gong Show was the perfect match.” Interesting…

The breakdown also says Maitland was born in 1944, but Mike Myers is actually born in 1963. Apparently, Tommy was a popular game show host before this, so why don’t we know him? His bio says, “In the ’80s, Tommy hosted the British game show Tell You What, which was a charades based adventure game. He later hosted an Australian game show called Dingo’s Got the Baby in which one contestant would be the Dingo, and one contestant would be the Baby, and a chase would ensue. In 1990 he returned to England for a series of one-hour specials, called You’ve Still Got No Proof.”

This incognito role doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering Mike’s past acting history. He voiced a British man for Austin Powers, he played English general Ed Fenech in Inglourious Basterds, and for the 2012 Oscars, he was British character Sir Cecil Worthington in a short film. He also likes to portray Scottish characters like Shrek and Fat Bastard. Honestly, we’ll have to keep watching to see if he ever admits that it’s really him…