What’s Wheel of Fortune without Vanna White? Fans are worried they’re about to find out. Rumors recently swirled that the famous letter-turner is leaving the long-running game show after appearing on the series for more than three decades. The internet is rife with buzz that the blonde beauty, who turned 60 this year, will soon depart from her duties alongside co-host Pat Sajak. According to this gossip, Season 35 could be be Vanna’s last. But how did these rumors start? And are they true? Read on for the truth about the hostess’ status on the show!

How long has Vanna been on Wheel of Fortune?

It’s no wonder word of Vanna’s exit has caused such a commotion — she’s an institution! She’s had the hostess job for 35 years, starting when she was 26 years old in 1982.

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Why do people think she is leaving?

The origin of the rumors is still unclear. They did, however, first pop up back in spring 2017, not long after Vanna’s 60th birthday in February. Maybe people assumed this milestone would be a reason for the TV personality to hang up her hat, er, evening gown.

Are the rumors true?

The short answer is no. After the unconfirmed story first spread in May, Sony Pictures Television came out and denied it. The production company also noted that Vanna and Pat both just signed a new two-year contract. So at the very least, she’s sticking around through Season 36!

Has Vanna responded to the buzz?

In addition to Sony’s statements, Vanna herself spoke out, insisting that she’s “never been tempted to leave because it’s so much fun.” She told People at the time,
“It would be like leaving a family — I just can’t do that.” When the new season kicked off last month, she doubled down on that sentiment, tweeting, “Still having fun with @PatSajak after 35 years! #WheelofFortune #LoveMyJob.”

Is Wheel of Fortune still doing well?

Vanna’s also not leaving the show due to a possible cancellation. Sony pointed out that, after all of these years, Wheel of Fortune still reaches more than 27 million weekly viewers, making it the most-watched game show on TV.