Watch out, Picasso! Donny Osmond announced that his grandchildren drew artwork for the Dinosaur Exhibit that was chosen to hang outside the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. To reveal the exciting news, the beloved entertainer took to Instagram on Wednesday, July 3.

“For anyone in #WashingtonDC, keep an eye out for some really cool banners promoting the @smithsoniannmnh #DinosaurExhibit,” the 61-year-old singer gushed on social media. “The drawings the #Smithsonian chose were done by my sweet grandkids!”

Along with his heartwarming message, Donny also shared an adorable pic of his son Brandon Osmond‘s family standing in front of the the masterpieces were that were plastered on banners hung outside the iconic establishment. In the snapshot, Donny’s 34-year-old son, his wife, Shelby Osmond, and their four kids, can be seen smiling while showing off the large dinosaur drawn on the banner behind them.

“If anyone is able to get a picture of the banners, be sure to post and tag me in it,” Donny — who is also the grandfather to eight other kiddos — added in his caption. “This proud grandpa would love to see their artwork around the city!” Aww!


Although Donny is one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars, the “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” singer has always been a family man. The handsome hunk — who is also the dad of sons Donald Osmond, 39, Jeremy Osmond, 38, Christopher Osmond, 28, and Joshua Osmond, 21 — once credited his wife, Debbie Osmond, for their incredible bond.

“I am particularly grateful that my dear Debbie has been able to be home with our children and has been such a powerful and uplifting influence on each one of our family. Especially in her great support of me in my crazy career that takes me away from the home so much,” Donny revealed to Third Hour in 2014, adding that Debbie and their sons have “always been the core of my life.”

We can’t wait to see what else Donny’s grandkids accomplish!