The excitement continues to brew for Donny Osmond‘s next bit of music, as the legendary performer recently made quite the bold statement about his upcoming 62nd album.

The 61-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday, June 20, to share a little update on his very anticipated new music. “This crew. This track. This album. It doesn’t get better!” the singer captioned a photo showing all of the folks that are working overtime with him. ⁣”Thanks to these great writers and producers, @wizz_dumb + @dalton.diehl + @nightcvllerofficial, and @iammylesbell’s expert engineering skills, we came up with a new track that is going to be amazing. This 62nd album is shaping up to be my favorite yet … which is a serious statement considering there are 61 others. 😂”

“I really wish I could play this new track for you right now. Just be patient!” Take a look at the photo below!

Donny’s fans were of course excited about the album’s development, as they took to the comments section to respond. “Glad it’s going so well. Bet it will be well worth a listen. Talented writer, musicians and your great voice! Gotta be a winner,” one person said. Another added, “I wish you could play the track too! Can’t wait to hear it.”

Now that his 62nd album is on its way — one that The Masked Singer alum recently said his fans are “going to love” — it is good to remember that it has been quite the journey since Donny released his first ever solo album back in 1971. “I was only about 12 years old when I recorded it, and I had no idea what was about to happen to my life. This song jumpstarted my thrilling teenybopper career,” the hitmaker wrote alongside a photo of his debut album.

Donny Osmond
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“It literally changed my life — and so many other lives — forever,” he added. What an incredible career Donny has had. We can’t wait for his newest album to be released!