Fighting through obstacles. Dolly Parton may be all smiles and laughs, but she of course has been through rough times as well — and she recently opened up about them.

“I just had a complete breakdown,” the 73-year-old said during an ABC interview for their special Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again!  “This was back in the days where I had gained quite a bit of weight, going through a lot of emotional problems, some family things going on. It was just one of those things where you just kind of let yourself get down. People say you always seem to be so happy and I say that’s the botox. Seriously, I am a very sensitive person. I feel everything to the core.” Unfortunately, during the 1980s, the iconic singer also considered a temporary solution to her problems.

“Years ago, I really was having some serious conversations with god,” the 9 to 5 actress revealed. “I just said you’re going to have to give me some answers or I’m getting out of here. I don’t know how close I got at the time, I was thinking about it all.”

Dolly Parton
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“I don’t mind telling that story. Of course, people make it a big deal, they are shocked at that but I think it’s good for people to know that everybody goes through this kind of stuff. I do believe though that god puts those things in my life too,” she continued. “I can totally relate to how people do get on drugs or alcohol, how people do contemplate suicide, because when you’re a tender, loving, caring, sensitive, person, you feel like you can only stand so much heartache. I wrote a lot of great songs because of that too, by the way. My little guitar and my little songs.”

“I’ve been able to work through every problem I’ve ever had,” Dolly added. “Everything that I go through or everything that I see someone go through that I love or care about I’m able to write for them.” But while she’s gone through dark times, the hitmaker still aims to bring positivity into this world.

“I pray everyday that god will use me to uplift mankind and I ask that things will come that will lighten the world and spread some light when this world is so dark and dirty and everybody can’t be mean enough,” Dolly revealed. “I just want to get out there and shine a little bit if I can.”

Dolly Parton

It is so great to see Dolly with a smile on her face through it all. We know she will continue to shine bright!