YASSS, Kelly Clarkson! The 37-year-old singer is definitely ready for her new job as a host on The Kelly Clarkson Show. While taking to Twitter on Thursday, September 5, she promoted the upcoming program by singing a cover of Dolly Parton‘s hit song “9 to 5.”

In the video, Kelly works numerous jobs — including a policewoman, a firefighter, a waitress and even a construction worker. If anything, her strong vocals and captivating personality proves that she is ready to become a daytime TV host. “Time to start a new ‘9 to 5’ job on September 9!” the American Idol alum captioned the clip.

Kelly’s amazing cover is just a little taste of what fans can expect to see on her new talk show. While recently speaking to E! News, she revealed all the fun things fans can expect from her on The Kelly Clarkson Show. 

“We start every show with a song so I’m covering an artist I really like and I’m in my element so I’m comfortable,” The Voice judge gushed. “I love artists and I’ve been covering people on tour for over a decade and it’s kind of the thing that goes viral with my tour so we thought to incorporate it here.”

Kelly’s show will have a lot to offer too. Not only will she be interviewing all our favorite stars, we can see her interview exciting guests who aren’t in the business of Hollywood too! “The whole show is for everyone. I am a celebrity but I’m not. I’m very normal. I have normal friends,” Kelly said. “I don’t hang out with celebrities — not that there’s anything wrong with them.”

“I want a show like that, to bridge that gap. I feel like there’s a huge gap between whatever celebrity means or status or level and then everyday people,” Kelly added. “I’m that person. I want the show to be super inclusive. I want everybody.”

We can’t wait!