Singer Dolly Parton wants her new friend Jennifer Aniston to let go of her old flames and move on to a new love. That’s right, Dolly is playing matchmaker as she has reportedly been trying to set the Friends actress up with a new man! “She told Jen she wants to fix her up with a ‘good ole Southern boy with big city smarts,'” an insider dished to Life & Style.

Apparently, the 72-year-old is the right friend for Jen considering “she knows a lot of eligible men in LA,” the source added. However, Jen, 49, does have one caveat. “She agreed to the matchmaking,” but only “as long as the guy isn’t an actor.” Ha!

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Perhaps Dolly has had an itch for wanting to set Jen up with a handsome gentleman ever since she befriended her while working on Dumplin’. “Dolly’s like the rest of the world, she wants Jen to find love and happiness,” the source revealed. Do the dang thing, Dolly!

We’re not surprised that Jen is comfortable with Dolly finding her a new man considering the country crooner is in one of the most successful relationships in Hollywood. In May 2019, Dolly will ring in 53 years of marriage with her husband, Carl Dean. And according to Dolly, they still “have a great relationship.”

When she sat down with People for her cover story in November, Dolly said her marriage has been so successful because she and Carl have endless appreciation for each other.

“I always say, ‘Stay gone!’ and there’s a lot of truth to that. I travel a lot, but we really enjoy each other when we’re together and the little things we do,” the singer gushed. “We’ve been together most of our lives.”


Dolly also dished that her hubby loves when she gets all dressed up, but not for the typical reason you would assume. “He knows I’m always going to kind of be fixed up for him because I don’t believe in going home and being a slouch,” she shared. “He doesn’t care what I wear as long as I’m happy. He loves me the way I am.”

If anyone could set Jen up with a handsome heartthrob, it’d be Dolly! Let’s hope she can project some of her wedded bliss onto Jen’s (hopefully) next relationship!