Days of Our Lives actor Greg Vaughan suffered a scary health emergency during what was supposed to be a fun ski trip with his sons in Colorado.

Greg, 50, told his Instagram followers that he first experienced “shortness of breath climbing a few flights of stairs” in a post shared on Thursday, March 14. He also felt “wheezy” and had “some congestion after some cold, snowy conditions and a headache developing.”

After taking some medicine, he hoped he would feel fine the next morning. Sadly, that was not the case for the soap opera star.

“Unfortunately, it was a night of tossing, turning, no sleep, coughing, dry heaving & my head felt like it was in a walnut cracker!” he captioned a series of photos that were taken in the hospital. “Disappointedly, morning arrived & I had to tell my boys, plus our friends who just arrived, I was staying home to rest & be my best for our final days to come! To which only got worse as the day went on! I was mentally spinning trying not to think of having another horrible night or losing another day w/ my boys … but I did.”

The Queen Sugar alum decided to go to an urgent care facility when his symptoms persisted.

“I learned that I was experiencing severe altitude sickness!” Greg explained, sharing that his blood oxygen was at 54 percent and he had fluid in his lungs. Most people have an oxygen level nearly twice that amount.

“Well, 4hrs later, a couple of bags of IV & oxygen tank strapped to my face, I was told that I needed to immediately get off the mountain!” he added in another post. “However, I couldn’t, we still had another day to go & wanting the boys to enjoy their last day on the hill tops! I opted to go home with an oxygen tank, a good laugh for everyone and I know will follow, but my boys looked after their old man & fortunately they had friends on this trip!”

Greg Vaughan Hospitalized After Health Crisis
Courtesy of Greg Vaughan/Instagram

Greg finished off the post by dishing out an important life lesson after the health emergency.

“In all seriousness, no matter your age and all the times I’ve [gone skiing] & [snowboarding] in my lifetime, Colorado Rockies is no joke! As they say, ‘take a [breath] and smell the roses!’ That is truly something we need to remember & appreciate! #recoveryinprogress #myadventures,” he wrote.