If Loretta Lynn was our sister, we would ask her for advice too! At the 2019 CMA Awards, the “Coal Miner’s Daughter” singer’s younger sister, Crystal Gayle, revealed what Loretta has taught her over the years. Thanks to the 87-year-old legend, Crystal, 68, learned how to make her own way in the music industry.

“I learned so much from my sister,” she exclusively gushed to Closer Weekly. “One of her first [pieces of] advice was to quit singing her songs. She said, ‘You’ll only be compared’ and that was the best advice ever. She said, ‘You go M.O.R., middle of the road.’ I think if I hadn’t and I went down the same style of music, then I probably wouldn’t have had the success.”

crystal gayle

Crystal has made a name for herself in the business by making music that’s much different than her sister’s. She’s known for her own hit songs like “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” and “Ready for the Times to Get Better.” Through her career, she’s learned a lot about being happy. Her advice? Live for yourself and not for other people.

“Enjoy what you’re doing. If you don’t enjoy it, you shouldn’t be doing it,” she said. “To me, being in the business I’ve had so many great people around me and you got to appreciate those people that are there for you.”

However, her greatest lesson will always be to not take herself too seriously and have her priorities in order. “You have to have your priorities right,” she explained. “But, of course, my being on time was a good hour before. So I’m stressing I want to get there and I’m going to be there in plenty of time. It’s really about just enjoying life.”

loretta lynn

“Doing all the TV that I’ve done through the years, you can be a nervous wreck! All the things you do in Washington, D.C., performing for the governor, for the president. You know, it’s just a lot about enjoying the moment. In this business, you need to,” she added.

With Loretta and Crystal’s advice, we feel more than ready to take on the world!