Nearly two years after actress Courteney Cox and rocker Johnny McDaid reconciled following a brief split in late 2015, they started planning their wedding and quickly ran into their first big problem — Life & Style has revealed. “Johnny was adamant about marrying in Northern Ireland, where he’s from, but Courteney really wanted an LA wedding, especially since Ireland is so far for her mother to fly,” an insider said.

Finally, they settled on the ideal solution. “They decided they should just have two weddings.” First, the Friends alum and the Snow Patrol guitarist will exchange vows in a small ceremony at a beautiful old church near Johnny’s childhood home in Derry, revealed the insider. That will be followed by a big party weeks later at Courteney’s beachfront home in Malibu.

courteney cox and fiancé
(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The LA wedding will be all about glitz and glamour. And Courteney’s modeling it after the 2015 wedding of her best friend, Jennifer Aniston, to Justin Theroux — she is even using the same event planner. They’ve set the dates, which are sweetly significant. “The Irish ceremony will be in mid-June, around Courteney’s 54th birthday,” the insider said, “and then they’ll celebrate in California in late July, around Johnny’s 42nd birthday.”

Courteney is reportedly just happy to be having one wedding, let alone two, since she’s recently been feeling “fed up” with merely being Johnny’s longtime fiancée. “Courteney is fed up with being engaged. She’s been in tears about the whole situation,” a source told Life & Style. Thankfully, Courteney and Johnny are now doing great — we can’t wait to hear more about their upcoming weddings!