It seems like Chrissy Teigen‘s 2018 appearance on Hot Ones didn’t necessarily leave a sour taste in her mouth, it left a burnt one! The Lip Sync Battle host revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she actually had to go to the hospital after filming an episode for the YouTube series’ seventh season.

“I had just done Hot Ones and I had to go to the doctor after — the hospital, as people call it,” the 33-year-old beauty dished to the host on the June 25 episode of The Tonight Show. “It was bad, the seventh one really got me.” Be sure to watch the video below!

Hot Ones is a popular Youtube series featuring celebrity interviews while they and host Sean Evans munch down on a plate of 10 spicy chicken wings, getting more intense as they go along. Chrissy recounted the unfortunate situation because the last time she appeared on Jimmy’s show was right after her Hot Ones bit.

“Whatever number 7 is, it needs to be at the end,” the Cravings author hilariously added. “Because I had to go to the hospital, and then my tongue was stripped, they said. I don’t even know what that means. It was, like, bloody and stripped and I had acid reflux for a long time.” Yikes!

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Funny enough, Chrissy dished that she blames her injury on her competitive nature. “I licked ‘em,” she said of the hot wings. “I was, like, ‘I need to go harder because people have accomplished this.’”

Although the spicy wings were going to annihilate her tongue anyway, Chrissy thought that eating salty Ruffles potato chips the night before may have been her downfall. “I didn’t think it through. I knew this was going to happen today and my tongue, it hurts,” she told Sean in the episode. “It’s not an excuse though. We’re not even using that as an excuse. We’re still going to go for it.”

We’re glad to see Chrissy’s tongue is back to normal!