The apple certainly did not fall far from the tree. We all know that Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines know all about being entrepreneurs, as they’ve made quite a big success of themselves, but now it seems like their five kids will soon be following in their footsteps!

The pair recently sat-down with People to discuss their children and how much they are already part of the family business. “He’s my little sidekick,” Joanna, 40, says of her 9-month-old youngest child, Crew. “He comes to work with me every day and goes to all my meetings.” She continued, “I always tell Chip, ‘This boy is going to be able to run the company by age 5!’”

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Aside from little Crew, Joanna and her husband, 44, have four more kids — daughters Emmie Kay, 9, and Ella Rose, 12, and sons Duke, 10, and Drake, 14. And according to the Fixer Upper stars their children are all about being at the Magnolia headquarters in Waco, Texas. “They love being here,” Joanna tells the outlet. “I always try to involve them with what we’re doing at work.” In fact, each child even has a task to do.

She explained, “Each kid has their own thing. Drake loves the production side, so in the summer he’s up with the guys, and they’re teaching him how to edit. Then Ella is like me. I think she’ll follow in my footsteps and have her hand in a lot of things. Right now she wants to cook, be a lead designer and have a donut truck.” As for Duke and Emmie, they are all about talking with customers!

“We printed labels for them, and once a week they go out and sell,” Joanna revealed. “They’re just like Chip: They don’t take no for an answer!” And perhaps there’s a reason the couple’s kids have time for all of this good old fashion work: there is no television at home, and the iPad time is limited

“Our rule for the iPad is that the kids can use it a certain amount of time every other day,” Joanna recently told Southern Living. “It’s contingent on them doing their chores and homework. I try hard to make it not the thing they look forward to every day. I don’t want them focusing on that.”

Well it seems like it will pay off, as all those kids may be running the business quite soon!