She’s telling all…well, kind of! Cher is a pop music icon, but her love life is also quite legendary, too. While most people remember her marriages with Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman, but on a 2013 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer dished that her former lover, actor Tom Cruise, was in her top five list of lovers — and now she’s opening up about how they met and started dating in an interview with Mail on Sunday.

Cher said she met Tom for the first time in 1985 at Sean Penn and Madonna’s Malibu wedding. Cher was 38 years old at the time, while Tom was 22, which was right around the time he rose to fame after his roles in Risky Business. Despite their 16-year age gap, they eventually hit it off the next time they ran into each other, which was at the White House.

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“Then a bunch of people who were dyslexic were invited to the White House, and Tom and I are both dyslexic,” the 72-year-old told Mail on Sunday. But even though it was their second meeting, they didn’t start their fling that night. “No, no, no!” Cher said. “We didn’t go out till way later, but there definitely was a connection there.”

Cher and Tom did eventually date, but both have since moved on from their fling. Cher revealed that they are still friends, but they’re not very close. “Yeah! Though I don’t get what he does, that whole Scientology thing,” Cher explained when asked if they were still friendly. “I can’t understand it so I just… don’t.”

Even though Cher has dated a number of men in her lifetime, she still has not found someone she wants to spend her time with — but that doesn’t mean she’s given up, either. “Not… not this week,” she said when asked if she has a boyfriend. “I’m still on the lookout.”