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These Celebrity Couples Are So in Love, They Don’t Mind the Extreme Height Differences

Isn't it funny when you learn about celebrity heights and can't match up how tall (or small!) a star looks onscreen versus their real-life stature? That's the case with these famous celebrity couples who have shocking height differences. With one partner who's super tall and the other who can barely reach his or her partner's shoulder, these couples would make you do a double take if you ever spotted them out in real life.

Will Smith's height is pretty legendary; the actor is a commanding 6'2. Yet his dainty wife Jada Pinkett Smith is only a mere five feet tall. Standing side-by-side, the pair have a pretty unique look, but they're certainly not the only A-list stars who just happened to couple up with someone of a totally different height.

Seinfeld star Jason Alexander is just 5'5, and his wife Daena is four inches taller–so just imagine when she wears high heels on the red carpet. The height comparison is quite noticeable, and it just makes this long-lasting celebrity marriage even more fantastic in our book. After all, who needs a high pair of heels when you're madly in love?

Despite the shocking height differences, we can't deny how adorable these pairs still look together! Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite mismatched (heightwise!) pairs and how great they still appear together. As the saying goes, opposites attract, right?