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We Can’t Imagine It’s Been Easy, But These Celebrity Exes Have Put Everything Aside To Stay Friends — Take A Look!

Breaking up is hard to do! While so many Hollywood romances begin in a whirlwind of love, the majority of them end as another failed romance in La La Land. Sometimes, the couple just realizes that they aren’t meant to be together. And other times, the relationship crashes and burns and the pieces are so tiny they can’t be put back together.

Out of all the Hollywood breakups, not many of them result in exes being friends. Why? Because who the heck would want to be buddy-buddy with their ex?! Apparently, Jennifer Garner does considering she has stuck by ex-hubby Ben Affleck‘s side through thick and think — literally. But don’t get us wrong, we get it. Because after everything you’ve been through, you just don’t up and forget about someone you’ve spent 10 plus years with.

In addition, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are the epitome of an ex-couple on good terms. Their relationship as friends is so cordial that the two even sealed their 2016 Latin Grammy’s performance with a kiss. OK, maybe that’s taking it a little too far…

Either way, there are many reasons why romances fizzle in Hollywood, but there aren’t many explanations as to why exes would choose to stay friends with their failed lover. Typically, a former couple decides to stay friends for the sake of having children together, working on a TV show or film, or maybe because they just feel like it!

We took a look at all the celebrity couples whose failed relationships turned in successful friendships. Scroll through the gallery below to see all the former couples that were able to put aside their differences in order to stay friends! 


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