Ahead of the Emmy Awards this Monday, Aug. 25, nominees Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Julia Louis-Dreyfus hilariously star in a six-minute faux reality skit set in a pawn shop.

The premise: Julia is trying to sell off her supporting actress statuette for Seinfeld after impulsively buying a pricy island, so she heads over to Bryan and Aaron's store to get a quote.

Not only do the pair confuse her with Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker and call her current TV series "Beep" instead of Veep, Bryan also throws a dig in about the trophy being for the supporting category instead of leading, to which Aaron retorts, "supporting is a huge honor."

The joke, of course, refers to the 34-year-old's two supporting wins for playing Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. He's once again nominated this year for the same category.

Co-star Bryan, who's won four leading actor Emmys for his role as meth dealer Walter White, is also nominated one last time following the end of their show last year. And Julia, who's coming off last year's best actress win, will try her luck again this Monday.

Watch their entire sketch below!