We waited a while, but we finally know Dr. Jo Wilson’s real name! Grey’s Anatomy fans learned so much about Jo’s secret, past life on the hit medical drama during Season 13 — including her given moniker, Brooke Stadler.

Though the “True Colors” episode storyline mostly focused on Dr. Stephanie Edwards (played by Jerrika Hinton) being held hostage in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital by a rapist patient, viewers also finally met Jo’s abusive ex-husband.

Early in the episode, Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) went to track down Jo’s ex, Paul Stadler (Glee‘s Matthew Morrison), at a medical conference and subsequently had several fantasies about how he would confront Paul. In one daydream, fans are led to believe Alex ended up in jail (again) after drunkenly beating up Paul following a few friendly drinks at the hotel bar. In another, Alex accidentally told Paul where Jo is now living and comes home to find her being choked to death by her ex.

In reality, Alex briefly spoke to Paul when the doctor jumped in front of him to snag a cab home from the conference. Later, he sternly warned Paul to never try to find Jo. Basically, much ado about nothing. But don’t worry, we’ll get to see more of Paul in Season 14! In a recent interview with The Argonaut, Matthew shared that he will have a “big role” in the upcoming Grey’s season (we’re already at the edge of our seats).

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Paul (left) and Alex (right) on Grey’s Anatomy. (Photo Credit: R/R)

Though Jo (aka Camilla Luddington) didn’t appear in “True Colors” — save for the sight of her legs while she was being strangled by Paul — the episode still gave us the most insight ever into her dark past.

Camilla first joined Grey’s as a recurring character in Season 9 and was later bumped up to a regular cast member in Season 10. It wasn’t until Season 12 in 2015 that Jo revealed she ran away from her abusive ex-husband and created a new identity to protect him from finding her. So, now that we know Jo’s real name is Brooke and we’ve met her ex, Paul, what more of Jo’s interesting backstory will fans become privy to? Only time will tell!

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