Like all working moms around the world, Brooke Burke knows it’s “hard” to find enough time to fit in her fitness routine while raising her four kids. Fortunately, the exercise guru and beloved TV personality has a secret to juggling her workouts and motherhood, which she reveals in a new interview with Closer.

“Make yourself a priority is one lesson I’ve learned,” the 49-year-old stunner exclusively shares, noting even though she has so many responsibilities as the mom of her children — Neriah, 21, Sierra, 19, Heaven Rain, 14, and Shaya, 13 — she still takes time for herself. “Life is happening and there are a million excuses to not take care of our health and wellness.”


Because the Wild On! alum believes “it’s more important now than ever” to focus on her well-being, she always tries to keep herself accountable. “You know, [by] not making excuses and not compromising, that keeps us true to those goals,” Brooke states.

Reflecting on the struggles of balancing her exercise routine and parenthood, the former Dancing With the Stars host said “the biggest challenge” is time. “It’s so different,” she explains, highlighting the major “shift in the last year and a half” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m doing the best I can every day,” says the TV star — who shares her older daughters, Neriah and Sierra, with first ex-husband Garth Fisher, and younger kids, Heaven and Shaya, with second ex-spouse David Charvet. “With all the changes that are happening … it’s really about being efficient with my time.”

Considering it’s not totally convenient for the actress to work out at a gym, Brooke has become a huge fan of exercising at home and “digital fitness,” she dishes. As the founder of the Brooke Burke Body app, which comes with fitness guides, recipes and other lifestyle advice, incorporating workouts into her home life has been extremely successful.

Courtesy of Brooke Burke/Instagram

“Creating a home space that just consists of a yoga mat,” she explains. “I teach classes at home, so that keeps me honest, and I’m always producing new content for my app. [Brooke Burke Body] is designed so you can take 15 minutes, 30 minutes … whatever your lifestyle allows.”

Pointing out how “those days of driving in the car and going to class and investing in that higher price tag” are slowly “going away,” the Naked Mom author encourages other mothers, and parents in general, to test out an exercise routine in the comfort of their living space.

By “using the equipment you have at home, working out in your kitchen [and] figuring out how to target tone,” Brooke believes you’ll enjoy working out just as much as she does. “Make the most of your time,” she says.

In addition to her daily workouts, Brooke incorporates BEMER, a patented Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology that targets the microvessels to improve overall blood circulation. Brooke credits the eight-minute BEMER sessions for “dramatically improving her energy levels.” For more on BEMER, click here.