Their marriage might be over, but after spending 12 years together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have more than their fair share of mutual interests. Beyond their six children of course, Brad and Angelina shared various businesses over the course of their relationship. Most notable, and most successful, was their award-winning wine, Miravel Rose. With concerns brewing that their business relationship would end with their romantic one, doubt has been put to rest with the recent release of the former couple’s latest bottling.

miraval rose getty images

The estate’s top-rated Miraval Rose.

In fact, a source told People that “nothing has changed,” stating that their $80 million estate in France on which the winery is based is “an investment for their children.” The couple launched their estate wine line in 2013, with partner Marc Perrin, who told People that the Miraval 2017 is “very certainly our best vintage since we began in 2012. With magnificent aromas of fragrant white blossom and fruit, the wine retains that touch of distinctive minerality drawn from the limestone soils, that is the hallmark of the greatest French terrors.”

“But what makes this 2017 vintage really stand out is its silky texture which adds a very special dimension to the wine,” he added. The Miravel region in France has been thrust into the spotlight since Brad and Angelina bought their property there a decade ago. It has since attracted interest from fellow wine-interested celebrities, notably George Lucas. He bought the property adjacent to Brangelina’s to add to his Skywalker Vineyard Collection. Maybe it’s time to invest in the wine business, anyone have a spare $100 million?

This post was written by Georgia Aspinall. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.