Lookin’ good, Mr. Feeny! Beloved Boy Meets World star William Daniels recently proved age is only a number as he shared a video of him working out at home. The 92-year-old posted the inspiring clip to his personal social media page and, in typical Mr. Feeny fashion, William offered a tidbit of encouraging advice.

“If at first you don’t succeed, roll, roll again,” the iconic actor captioned the video of him completing a workout routine on December 16. “Happy Monday, youngins!” In the clip, William can be seen doing a set of sit-ups as he held a pilates ring in both of his hands.

Fans of actor — who played the beloved role of the John Adams High School teacher throughout the show’s seven seasons — commended him in the comments section of his post. “Way to go! Keep up the great work,” one fan wrote, while another echoed, “Thank you. You still teachin’ us stuff!” A third fan chimed in, gushing, “Man … I need to get my act together! Thank you for the inspiration!”

Although William no longer graces our TV screens on Boy Meets World, he keeps busy by spending time with his wife, Bonnie Bartlett, he wrote a book titled There I Go Again and he often travels for appearances all over the country. In his memoir — which was released in March 2017 — William opened up about playing his unforgettable role of Mr. Feeny on the series.

“Mr. Feeny’s appeal was due to the fact that he was a friend, a mentor and an advisor all rolled into one,” he wrote in his book, noting fans still try to reach out to him via fan mail. “[Boy Meets World fans still] tell me how important the show and the role I played were to them in their formative years.”

The St. Elsewhere actor — who is the proud dad of sons Robert Daniels, Michael Daniels, and William Daniels Jr. — even confessed the show’s final episode still gets him all choked up. “The series’ final scene still brings tears,” he wrote. “Mr. Feeny says good-bye to the young people, refusing to say he loves them until they have all left the room.”

During an appearance on Today, William highlighted the most powerful part of the heart wrenching scene. “They all leave the classroom. And Mr. Feeny, who’s been kind of a hard-nosed guy, is alone in the room,” he said during his appearance. “And he looks over at the empty desks. And he says, ‘I love you all.’ And I thought that was a really nice way to end it.”

We miss you, Mr. Feeny!