Say what? Michael J. Fox played the iconic role of Marty McFly in the Back to the Future films, but there’s one actor you won’t believe was almost cast: Ralph Macchio.

“I did meet and have a few conversations for Marty McFly,” the 57-year-old recently told People. “But the right guy was cast … just like the right guy was case for Daniel LaRusso.” The actor was of course referring to his classic role from the 1984 film The Karate Kid.

It has been 35 years since Ralph played the young teen who moves from New Jersey to California and tangles with bullies, but he has found himself playing the same character again — his YouTube series Cobra Kai, which is based off The Karate Kid franchise, just released its second season.

Ralph Macchio
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Just like the underdog karate story launched Ralph into stardom, 1985’s Back to the Future did the same for Michael, 57, as it is the role he is most remembered for. Last August, the cast from the science fiction film reunited.

“Four old friends get back from the future,” Lea Thompson, who played Lorraine Baines in the film, captioned a photo showing her, Michael, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson together. The Teen Wolf actor shared a similar pic and wrote, “Back in 2018, even Biff made it,” referring to Thomas’ character.

Back to the Future
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Lea, 57, once talked about how much she enjoyed working with the Family Ties alum. “He’s so funny, clever, and self-deprecating, yet strong. If you want an old memory … I didn’t realize he was a star then,” she exclusively told Closer Weekly. “We shared a little trailer [on set], and we couldn’t get out because these neighborhood girls [trapped us inside]. I was like, ‘I guess he really is famous!’”

It seems like both Ralph and Michael were destined to play their respective roles — and they have stood the test of time!