From a teen in “Back to the Future” to a mom in TV’s “Switched at Birth,” Lea Thompson has never been one to shy away from acting her age.

Closer talked with the 52-year-old about growing up in Hollywood, her new pic “Ping Pong Summer” and her future plans!

“Ping Pong Summer” takes place in ’85. How does it compare to your real summer back then?

That’s when “Back to the Future” opened! So I became like this giant movie star. My summer of ’85 was way better.

lea thompson

Thompson with co-star Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future”

Do you keep in touch with Michael J. Fox?

Not too much. But it’s always nice to see him. I admire him.

What’s new on “Switched” this season?

I just directed [an episode]! I’ve [acted] for 30 or 40 years, so it’s fun to branch out.

lea thompson

Are your kids following in your footsteps?

Zoey is the star of “Vampire Academy.” It’s huge! My other daughter Madelyn wrote a script.

What’s your thought about roles for older women in Hollywood?

Now, it’s a lot better. [But] I always felt that if I did get a lot of respect, it would be in my 60s. Hopefully, I’ll be able to hold on another 10!

Lea stars in “Switched at Birth” airing Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family