Paying it forward. Audrey Hepburn has been gone for 26 years, but her loved ones continue to do everything they can to keep her memory alive — especially her granddaughter, Emma Ferrer.

The 25-year-old attended the UNICEF Snowflake Ball on Tuesday, December 3, and revealed just how she is keeping her late grandma alive. “Honestly through the work with UNICEF. That’s a 100 percent true answer,” the model exclusively told Closer Weekly  at the event. Emma also explained her involvement with the organization.

Audrey Hepburn

“I’ve been lucky enough to be on the committee that plans this whole event this past year. That’s been really great,” Emma revealed. “And I work closely with UNICEF now for the last two or three years since I’ve been living in NY and I’ve been a keynote speaker at most of their big events.”

This isn’t the first time that Emma has gushed about the iconic star and — she once revealed what exactly she believes her grandmother is most happy about. “If she’s looking down, she’d be most proud of [my work with UNICEF],” Emma shared with Closer in another exclusive interivew. “We have all these celebrities associated with causes now, but that wasn’t the case before her.” However, Emma also has her father, Sean Ferrer, to thank, as he told her many things about his mom while growing up.

Emma Ferrer

“He taught me from early on that she was not just this celebrity — she was super-selfless and generous and went out of her way to make a kind gesture,” Emma explained. “That’s something in her life I try to keep alive.” So incredible!

It truly is great to hear just how much Emma is doing to make sure Audrey’s memory continues to stay alive. We know that we won’t ever forget that impact she not only had on Hollywood, but on the entire culture.

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Reporting by Diana Cooper