When you have spent as many years as Arnold Schwarzenegger has in the industry there’s a good chance you’ve seen it all. However, the action legend was still thrown for a loop when his saw his son Patrick have sex on screen recently.

The 72-year-old told Fox LA that he caught his eldest son, 26, in his latest film Daniel Isn’t Real. “His acting was so extraordinary, he’s so talented and all of a sudden there’s this sex scene all of a sudden. It was wild,” The Terminator star told the outlet, adding that his ex-wife Maria Shiver made sure to let him know of the nude scene beforehand.

“I remember my [ex] wife called me the day [and] she said, ‘I just saw Patrick’s movie. It’s unbelievable, and I’m sitting there and he didn’t tell me anything about it and all of sudden there’s his naked butt there having a sex scene,’” the actor said, laughing. “It’s really an experience and a half. I’m just proud because he’s doing another movie. He’s really working his way up and getting the starring roles.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
People Picture/Jens Hartmann/Shutterstock

The iconic movie star also made sure to let reveal just how impressed everyone was with Patrick. “Everyone came up to me telling me, ‘You have the nicest son. He’s so well behaved, he’s coming in so well prepared all the time,’” Arnold said. “All these compliments, all the time — it’s great to see that.”

Aside from Patrick, Arnold also shares three more kids with his ex — daughters Katherine, 30, and Christina, 28, and son Christopher, 22. The body-building icon also has son Joseph, with his previous partner.

This isn’t the first time that Arnold has gushed about the up-and-coming actor. He once touched on just how close they are. “We have a great father-son relationship, and we also have a great friendship,” he said during an interview with GQ Germany. “My vision was to create great kids.”

“What I’m proud of is that I could kind of show him the way and he knew that he has all the help in the world from me all the time but that he had to do the work also,” Arnold added. So sweet!