Survivor fans were devastated to see their favorite season 44 showmance, Frannie Marin and Matt Blankinship, get split apart during the 7th episode on April 12. While their run together on the series came to an end after a nail-biting Tribal Council, viewers have wondered if they continued their relationship after the show finished filming. Keep scrolling to find out if the pair are still together.

What Happened During Episode 7 of ‘Survivor’ Season 44? 

Matt and Frannie developed a strong connection since their first day in the competition. The pair were not shy about voicing their feelings for each other in their confessionals throughout the season. 

“I don’t not have a crush on Matt,” the research coordinator said during a previous episode. “When this game is over, me and Matt are going to go out for Ethiopian food together and whatever happens, happens. Matt’s somebody I would date in real life and if it comes to that after this game is over then I would be as pleased as punch.”

Are Matt, Frannie Still Together After ‘Survivor’?
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In a dramatic episode titled “Let’s Not Be Cute About It,” all 11 of the remaining players were happy to have made it to the merge. In the challenge, the tribe was split into two teams for a balance beam showdown. The player on each team that lasted the longest in the challenge won individual immunity and the potential to keep their entire team safe from elimination.

Frannie was the last person standing on her team and in the challenge, earning her first individual immunity win of the season and keeping her team safe. Brandon Cottom also earned immunity for himself but left his teammates, including Matt, in jeopardy of going home. 

Host Jeff Probst revealed that the losing team would be taken to a different beach and would be completely isolated from the rest of the group. Unfortunately, this meant there were no more sweet moments between Matt and Frannie for the rest of the episode. 

Though viewers were ecstatic to see Frannie conquer the challenge, Matt scrambled before Tribal Council to try and get enough votes to stay. It was clear right away that the security software engineer and Yam Yam Arocho were on the chopping block. After shedding some tears as he pleaded his case to his tribemates, Matt was sent home. On his way out, he congratulated Frannie on her win but was devastated to be leaving the game so soon.

Are Matt and Frannie Still Together After ‘Survivor’? 

Social media erupted with viewers expressing disappointment that Matt was sent packing. Since season 44 premiered in early March, Frannie had been retweeting posts in support of her romance with Matt. A few weeks ahead of the finale airing on television, she revealed she and Matt are still together. 

“Oh, we’re doing long-distance, but Matt is such a great guy,” Frannie told Entertainment Weekly in early May 2023. “He’s so kind. He’s so patient and he’s the best person to do long distance with. I feel like we just communicate so well and we’re making it work. Also, I’m considering making a little cross-country move in the near future, but don’t tell anyone.”