Season 44 of Survivor definitely delivered on its promise of being the most grueling and difficult season yet. The March 2023 premiere episode saw several players suffer injuries that left them requiring medical attention. Contestant Bruce Perreault sustained an injury that impacted his future in the game. Luckily, he was given a second chance to compete. Keep scrolling for details on what happened to Bruce. 

What Happened to Bruce Perreault on ‘Survivor’? 

The very first episode of season 44 kicked off with a reward challenge, with all contestants vying to win supplies necessary for their camp. Players had to race through a series of muddy obstacles to retrieve puzzle pieces in true Survivor fashion.  

Within the first few seconds of the challenge, Bruce dove into the mud and hit his head on a wooden beam. The insurance agent noticed blood was pouring from the gash on his head but decided to continue with the challenge. He made his way back over to his tribe mat but started to feel lightheaded. The dad of two fell to the ground as his teammates continued to ask him if he was OK. 

What Happened to Bruce on ‘Survivor’? Injury, Return
Courtesy of Bruce Perreault/Instagram

Host Jeff Probst stopped the entire challenge to call for medical attention. After Bruce was treated by doctors in the sand, he got back on his feet and decided he was still fit to compete. The challenge resumed and it seemed like the Rhode Island-based businessman was doing fine. 

Back at camp, Bruce’s tribemates noticed he looked unwell. The medical team rushed to his aid once more, later prompting a visit from Jeff at the Tika beach. “My head is killing me,” Bruce said as he was being examined by medics. Ultimately, Jeff revealed the news that Bruce would have to leave the competition before he was taken away on a stretcher. 

“I’m so sorry,” the longtime TV personality told the realtor. “I am genuinely heartbroken for you. You are a shining light. You are so positive. You are a leader.”

Is Bruce Coming Back to ‘Survivor’?

Bruce will be getting another shot at playing the game. During the “On Fire with Jeff Probst” podcast after the premiere, Jeff revealed that viewers would see Bruce again in the future.

“In the spirit of what Survivor is all about, getting up off the couch, leaving your ordinary world behind — your family, your friends — left to fend for yourself in the jungle and say yes to adventure, I don’t think Bruce got his fair share of Survivor,” the former talk show host said. “So, here’s the announcement. We are officially inviting Bruce to play Survivor again. First player of the new era was invited back. It’s kind of exciting. It just felt like the right call.”

Survivor revealed the cast for season 45 ahead of the premiere in September 2023. Bruce is among the group of hopefuls vying for the $1 million prize in Fiji.