Just weeks after Gwyneth Paltrow incited major backlash following comments she made about working mothers, Angelina Jolie is taking the opposite view of her peer when it comes to being a Hollywood mom.

“I’m not a single mom with two jobs trying to get by every week. I have much more support than most people, most women in this world,” the 38-year-old acknowledged during a recent interview. “And I have the financial means to have a home and health care and food.”

While Gwyneth said “it’s much harder” for actresses on 14-hour-a-day sets, Angelina expressed how blessed she is to be able to bring her six kids, who are home-schooled, to every set she works on.

angelina jolie

Jolie with four of her six children

“I actually feel that women in my position, when we have all at our disposal to help us, shouldn’t complain,” she continued.

“Consider all the people who really struggle and don’t have the financial means, don’t have the support, and many people are single raising children. That’s hard.”

And the actress is grateful for the ability to take breaks between projects if need be.

“When I feel I’m doing too much, I do less, if I can. And that’s why I’m in a rare position where I don’t have to do job after job. I can take time when my family needs it,” she said.

angelina jolie

Jolie with daughter Vivienne in a still from “Maleficent”

In the Oscar winner’s upcoming action-adventure Maleficent, Angelina had the opportunity to work alongside youngest daughter, Vivienne, who plays the younger version of Sleeping Beauty.

But don’t expect the brunette beauty and long-time partner Brad Pitt to encourage their kids to make a career out of acting.

“Brad and I never wanted our kids to be actors,” she told the Daily News. “When they get older, if they decide to be actors, I would just ask that that’s not the center of their lives…because I don’t think it’s a healthy focus.”