Amal Clooney is ditching her engagement ring from George Clooney!

According to a new report, the human rights lawyer, 37, has opted to no longer wear the $680,000, seven-carat ring her 54-year-old husband gave her prior to their wedding because she feels the ring is too flashy for work.

amal clooney engagement ring

Amal’s seven-carat engagement ring.

“Amal has told friends she wants a more understated engagement ring specifically for when she’s working on serious cases,” a source revealed. “People constantly stop her and admire it for a closer look. It is a massive rock and there is no hiding it.”

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“She absolutely loves the ring and won’t be getting rid of it but she just wants something simpler for her big cases,” the insider told the UK’s Daily Mirror. “She’s been to visit Cartier and has requested a platinum band. George understands and is completely supportive.”

amal clooney

Amal in court in January 2015.

George and Amal—who specializes in international law, criminal law, human rights, and extradition—became engaged in April 2014 and the A-list couple married in September 2014 in Venice, Italy.