Alicia Keys Is a Super Mom! Meet the Grammy Winner’s 2 Kids Egypt and Genesis

You know her songs and how talented she is, but you should also know that Alicia Keys is such an incredible mom to two wonderful sons.

The “No One” singer, 38, and her husband, producer Swizz Beatz,  tied the knot in July 2010, and kids would soon follow after. Just three months after walking down the aisle, the famous couple welcomed their first child, a son named Egypt. That wouldn’t be it for the pair when it comes to children, as four years later they would have another son, Genesis. The mega-star has never been shy about talking about her life as a mother, especially just how important the role has been in her life.

“Motherhood gave me a stronger sense of clarity,” the entertainer once gushed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “I used to be less aware of how I wanted to spend my time and more influenced by other people. After I had my kids, I felt like I had found my North Star. I was less wasteful; I worked more effectively.” Alicia — whose memoir is released in March 2020 — has also revealed how she sometimes felt unsure upon tackling being a mother.

“What if I’m not cut out for motherhood? What if I fail at being responsible for a child — a life? What if I can’t do this?” she wrote in an excerpt from her book via Instagram. “⁣There’s probably not a person on earth who hasn’t asked those questions in some form, at some point in time. The fear of possible inadequacy is real. I felt determined to do for my child what I’d once struggled to do for myself: rid my life of all circumstances that no longer served me.” But when it comes down to it, she is of course all about motherhood.

“Of all of my jobs, parenting is my favorite. It teaches me so much about myself about capacity, patience and about consciousness. It’s the most beautiful and it is also the hardest,” she wrote in the post.

Alicia Keys

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