Al Roker has two homes — and they’re both absolutely breathtaking! The meteorologist travels back and forth between both of his residences while working on Today.

Inside Al Roker’s Hudson River Valley Home

Al and his wife, Deborah Roberts, own their primary residence in New York’s Hudson River Valley. The abode is located “five minutes from the Massachusetts line.”

“It’s the anti-Hamptons,” the broadcaster told Forbes in May 2020. “You can still go to the grocery store and get a quart of milk for less than $35.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple spent a lot of time in the stunning abode with their two younger kids, Leila and Nicholas Roker. Al is also a dad to his eldest daughter, Courtney Roker, whom he adopted during his first marriage with Alice Bell. Courtney is a mom to daughter Sky, whom she shares with husband Wesley Laga.

Al has shared so many photos while spending time at home with his kids and his beloved granddaughter. The house boasts a massive living room with cozy yellow sofas and geometric print pillows. The kitchen truly is every chef’s dream, with top of the line appliances and loads of cabinet space. Al loves to cook, so much so that he launched his own holiday cooking podcast, “Cooking Up a Storm.”

Whenever he wants to get fresh air, Al can step outside onto his back patio and yard. The weathercaster is always sharing videos spending time outdoors or eating dinner on the patio with his family.

Al Roker holding his granddaughter at home
Courtesy of Al Roker/Instagram

Everything to Know About Al Roker’s NYC Brownstone

Conveniently located in New York City’s Upper East Side, Al and Deborah’s brownstone is their second oasis. Since Today is filmed in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Plaza, Al sometimes stays in his city pad during the work week. Living in a NYC brownstone was always the forecaster’s dream.

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Courtesy of Al Roker/Instagram

“He used to talk about them when we were dating,” Deborah once told Closer of the property.

“I saw them on The Cosby Show and across from my high school,” Al added of living in a brownstone. “I always thought that was real ‘New York living’ and a nice thing to have in the city.”

With a fabulous kitchen and dining area and a prime location, it’s easy to see why Al and Deborah fell in love with the home.

They did end up making some renovations to the home to ensure they were making the most of the space.

“We wanted a bigger kitchen because Al loves to cook, and the basement was just a cement dungeon,” Deborah shared.