Lets face it: Marriage is hard! That said, it’s even harder when you’re an A-list actor in Hollywood — but despite all the odds, Adam Sandler and wife Jackie Sandler have been happily married since 2003 and the comedian credits their strong union to one very simple thing.

“Just getting time together,” he told Closer Weekly and other reporters at the Uncut Gems premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday, September 9. “Making sure that you don’t run off too long and hanging out together and telling the truth and that kind of thing’s good.”

Jackie Sandler adam sandler

While promoting his new film — set for release on Christmas Day — Adam, 53, also spoke about his kids with Jackie, 44, and revealed if they like to watch his movies or not. “Well, they ain’t gonna watch this one,” he joked about daughters Sadie, 13, and Sunny, 10, seeing the crime drama. “But they watched Murder Mystery — they liked that one.”

As a family guy, Adam’s kids mean the world to him! “My kids give me the most joy,” the dad of two gushed to The Huffington Post in a 2014 interview. “But there are life adjustments. I don’t go out to meet anyone after 9:30 at night. I eat dinner at six or seven. If someone makes me stay out until 10:30 at night, I’m angry the entire next day because I’m exhausted.”

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Adam also said parenting takes a lot out of him. “You’re always nervous because you want your kid to be happy,” he said. “Now, I understand why my folks were always saying, ‘Be nice and be safe. Make sure everyone in the family is OK. That’s the most important thing.’ Making sure everyone in the family is OK is the most important thing. If the family hurts then you hurt.”

He is such a great husband and dad!

Reporting by Diana Cooper