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Hallmark Actress and Singer Alicia Witt Fell in Love With East Nashville: Take a Tour of Her Home in Music City

Actress Alicia Witt found fame in 1984’s Dune when she was just 7 years old. She continued her acting career into adulthood in shows like Twin Peaks and Friday Night Lights. The Massachusetts native moved to her Nashville home to pursue a music career more than five years ago.  

“Nashville captured my heart over a span of many years. I was just reminded about the fact that at the very first show I played here at 12th & Porter in 2009. I was in town less than 24 hours, and something about the way I felt when I was here made me say from the stage that I had a feeling I was going to move here one day,” The Walking Dead actress told The Hollywood Reporter in May 2021. 

Alicia released several albums throughout her career, most of which were recorded in Nashville. She made Music City her permanent home after more than two decades of living in Los Angeles.

“There is a normalcy, steadiness and realness about the city. I feel like I have found my people here,” the Hallmark star told The Nashville Edit. “Also, the fact that you can drive and be at your friend’s house in a few minutes is amazing. It’s all very doable versus LA, which is sprawling.”

The Orange Is the New Black star grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts, to parents Diane and Robert Witt. In December 2021, Alicia’s parents were found dead in their Worcester home. One month after their tragic deaths, the songwriter opened up about her grief in a social media post, writing that “it still doesn’t feel real.” 

“Thank you, also, to all those who have reached out with your memories about my parents. They were brilliant educators, deeply kind, curious, intuitive, wise, young at heart, funny – there will never be enough adjectives to describe them,” she continued. 

Prior to her parents’ death, Alicia did a signing at a bookshop in East Nashville for her book, Small Changes. The Grand Ole Opry performer shared advice in the book about how she made certain lifestyle changes to help improve her well-being. Alicia enjoyed the book development and writing process, which lasted for more than five years. 

“I couldn’t have asked for a greater blessing or purpose to focus on than hunkering down, working on writing something that hopefully would be of help somehow,” the former child star said in a November 2021 interview with Shondaland

Scroll to tour Alicia’s Nashville home.