Tom Cruise to Pack on the Pounds for New Movie Role

Tom cruise

Tom Cruise will go through a physical transformation for his new movie.


Tom Cruise plans to go through a major physical transformation for his new movie role!

After the 52-year-old actor wraps filming of the latest 'Mission: Impossible' installment in London, he will reportedly undergo a significant weight gain to play a drug smuggler in the upcoming flick 'Mena,' 'Page Six' reports.

Tom Cruise 'Mena' Role

Barry Seal (left) and Tom (right). (Photo Credits: R/R | Getty)

The thriller tells the true story of Barry Seal, a former pilot who transported drugs across international borders during the 1980s. Seal — who weighed nearly 300 pounds during this time — was later recruited by the CIA and Drug Enforcement Administration to provide intelligence on drug-related crimes.

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No word yet on exactly how much weight Tom will put on for the performance.

Tom Cruise 'Tropic Thunder'

Tom in 'Tropic Thunder.' (Photo Credit: R/R)

The father-of-three previously donned a fatsuit to portray the middle-aged, hot-headed studio executive Les Grossman in the 2008 comedy 'Tropic Thunder.'

'Page Six' first reported this news.

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