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Now We Know Why Everyone Is So Obsessed With the British Royal Family (It’s Science!)

We can’t deny our love for all things royal. From Prince William and Kate Middleton’s adorable family to Prince Harry’s impending engagement to Meghan Markle, our fascination with the British monarchy is never-ending. Well, it turns out that our obsession with Queen Elizabeth II and Co. has a lot to do with science.

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According to research conducted by Taram Emrani, a licensed clinical psychologist, our veneration of the royal family is simply human nature. “The British royal family has found a way to stay relevant and be present in the media,” she told In Style for an article published on Monday, Oct. 9. “And the way that they portray the family is very relevant to people in that they have a family, they do normal stuff, they go to normal places, although they’re royal.”

Indeed, both the Duchess of Cambridge and the late Princess Diana were once commoners, and became royals under “normal” circumstances — perpetuating this fantasy that anybody can become a princess if they fall in love with the right person. Additionally, Kate, 35, William, 35, and Harry, 33, all participate in activities and charities that make them seem even more relatable to the public.

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“The Duchess recently talked about mental health and hunger and Prince Harry does a lot of charity work and things that people can admire, are inspiring, and feel relevant,” Taram continued. “We as humans like to look at things that might possibly be better than us. It stimulates something in our brains that says, ‘How can I be that?’ They have the same tools as us, but how are they so distinguished compared to us?”

Though there isn’t a clinical term for royal enthusiasts, Taram did mention that celebrity worship culture — and, yes, that includes the royals — can be debilitating. “People get overly involved, kind of losing insight to their own lives, losing sight of their own work, their social lives, and losing touch with reality and what’s out there,” she said, adding that you can make it better by engaging in your own life. “Go to yoga class, call your children, your grandparents, your parents, and get involved in your own life. Talk to the celebrities in your own life.”