He’s really handsome and the host of Income Property, but many fans are wondering one thing about Scott McGillivray: where does the HGTV star live? Turns out, Scott resides in more places than one!

Scott, 39, married his wife, Sabrina McGillivray, back in 2009 and the couple is parents to two daughters, Myah and Layla. The Canadian businessman opened up about his family’s abodes in a recent blog post. “Someone I work with recently pointed out to me that when they Googled ‘Where does –’, Google automatically filled in ‘Where does Scott McGillivray live.’ It gave me a laugh that Google was encouraging people to ask that. It seemed very bizarre to me at the time, but I suppose when you film a show about building your new house, it’s a natural question to ask,” he wrote.

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Scott was born and raised in Toronto, but when he and his wife first tied the knot, they lived in Brampton, ON. However, they now divide their time between their new place in Toronto and their other home in Fort Myers, FL.

This past fall, viewers watched Scott and Sabrina move into their “forever home” during Moving the McGillivrays, which aired on HGTV Canada. Scott even suggests the few key boxes you should be able to check off before purchasing a home: proximity to family and friends, school district, healthcare facilities, commute time, and a sense of the neighborhood.

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And even though the general location is clear to his viewers, he doesn’t want to give out a specific address for privacy reasons (understandably). “[I live] in my dream house, in my dream neighborhood, with the people I love the most,” Scott said. “I think for now I’ll keep the exact location to myself, but just know that it was a decision a long time in the making, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”