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Ever Wondered Who Narrates ‘House Hunters’? Meet the Unseen Woman Behind the Popular Franchise

If you ever watched an episode of House Hunters, you’ve probably wondered about the person narrating the show. Unlike other HGTV programs that are hosted by attractive husband and wife duos or real estate agents, the star of the channel’s most popular show is totally unseen.

But fortunately, the woman behind the well-known voice recently revealed herself. Watch the video below to meet her for the first time.

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Although Andromeda Dunker has been the voice of the popular franchise since 2009, it was only recently that she stepped out of privacy.

“Part of my job is to be in the background,” Andromeda told Buzzfeed in 2017. “I’m not really with you, but I am leading you through this journey as a narrator. That’s kind of how I see it. If I were to come out more as a personality of my own, then it kind of breaks it. I’m not sure it would work as well.”

She almost didn’t even get the job! When she was contacted by her agent to audition for the show, she only had five minutes to quickly send her reading of the script.

“So we raced back to my friend’s house,” she said in the same interview. “I sat in my goddaughter’s room with a Hello Kitty blanket over my head and I recorded this House Hunters script audition really quickly and sent it in. So I almost missed it. It just goes to show you have to audition for everything that comes your way. It’s feast or famine in this career.”

In the eight years she’s worked on the show, her soothing voice has become popular amongst fans.

“A lot of people have told me that they watch it in the background or at night and it lulls them to sleep,” she said. “I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m tucking them in at night or that I’m giving them a big hug.”

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