We certainly know what Queen Elizabeth’s life was like half a century ago, thanks to the Netflix hit The Crown, but what about her current goings-on? What does the Queen do when she’s not celebrating her birthday twice a year, or enjoying her Christmas tree well into February, or impressing us all with her tech savviness?

Turns out, quite a lot. She may be 91 years old, but Elizabeth is hardly resting on her royal laurels. As The Telegraph reports, her day-to-day schedule is brimming with royal engagements: parties, public appearances, diplomatic trips, award ceremonies, et cetera. You’ve probably seen her presenting titles of honor to such notable subjects as Elton John and Helen Mirren, for example. She also attends military ceremonies as the Colonel-in-Chief of the armed forces and church events as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. (In case you haven’t already realized, Her Majesty has many, many titles.)

She’s also a patron of more than 600 organizations, according to the royal family’s website. Her list of causes includes everything from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust to the Lawn Tennis Association.

With all these royal obligations, Elizabeth is one of the busiest members of the royal family. In 2015, she carried out 306 engagements in the UK and 35 abroad — more engagements than Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton fulfilled that year combined. This great-grandma still has it!

That said, even though Elizabeth opens each session of Parliament in person and consults with the Prime Minister and other world leaders, she doesn’t have much political sway. Technically, any Parliamentary legislation must get her “Royal Assent” before becoming law, but it’s mostly a formality, as Insider reports. No monarch has declined a bill since Queen Anne put the kibosh on the Scottish militia in 1707.

But never mind that. She doesn’t need political power to be influential, after all. Clearly, we’ll be transfixed by her for as long as she continues her engagements… and probably for quite some time afterward, too!

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