The first giant panda cub born in Taiwan made her much-anticipated public debut Monday, and she didn't disappoint the tens of thousands of waiting fans.

Crowds lined up at the Taipei Zoo in Taipei to see six-month-old Yuan Zai as she climbed and clambered around her cage for 40 minutes before falling asleep by her mother's side.

"Her muscles are getting stronger and stronger. It is no problem for her to crawl up and down the structure," Taipei Zoo spokesman Chao Ming-chieh said.

"But whenever her activity slows down, then she is telling you that she needs a nap."

Yuan Zai was delivered on July 6 following a series of artificial insemination sessions because her parents — Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan — failed to conceive naturally.

She weighed just over six ounces at birth, but now weighs around 30 pounds.

Her parents Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, whose names together mean "reunion" in Chinese, were given to Taiwan by China in December 2008.

The zoo expects to attract up to 19,000 visitors a day just to see the cuddly cub.