Though he was recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time, Tommy Chong is determined to remain in high spirits as he fights the debilitating disease.

In a new interview, the 77-year-old actor — who previously battled prostate cancer in 2012 — said his stage-one rectal cancer diagnosis is a “pain in the butt,” but he’s ready to fight the illness with upcoming bouts of chemotherapy and radiation.

tommy chong

Tommy on Dancing with the Stars in November 2014.

“I know that life doesn’t end just because the body gets put in the ground. The soul is forever, is eternal. So, I know that, and that’s the comforting thing,” he said of maintaining a positive outlook throughout his battle.

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In addition to undergoing treatment, the Dancing with the Stars alum said he plans to up his exercise regimen in an effort to combat the disease.

“[Doctors] recommend physical exercise. I’m getting so good at [the] tango, I scare myself!” he told ABC News.