The fallout from the cancellation of Tom Selleck‘s beloved Blue Bloods has CBS execs red in the face! Tom, 79, has been going around complaining that he might lose his sprawling California ranch because the cop show’s demise will put him in the poorhouse, and the network isn’t impressed with his crocodile tears, sources exclusively tell Closer.

“Despite Selleck’s pleas of poverty, CBS higher-ups aren’t buying it, armed with knowledge of his jaw-dropping paycheck over the years,” an insider says. “He raked in a staggering $200,000 per episode, accumulating a jaw-dropping $56 million over the show’s run — and that’s not even factoring in residuals from reruns!”

Insiders say Tom’s tantrums have left CBS big shots seething, especially in light of the stark contrast between his riches and the modest salaries of crew and staff behind the scenes. “Many of these hardworking individuals reportedly make less than $100,000 a year, facing uncertainty and financial strain as the show comes to an end,” adds a source. “Tom is an entitled brat. Hundreds of people are facing unemployment when the show wraps. Most of them will struggle to make ends meet — while Tom complains about the upkeep of his lavish 63-acre ranch. Give me a break!”