Please be kind to Tom Hanks! During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Toy Story actor revealed he has some of the most interesting fans in Hollywood. In fact, whenever he’s out and about, he said admirers would sometimes “yell” his most unforgettable movie lines at him.

“‘Wilson!’ I get a lot of that,” he explained in reference to 2000’s Cast Away before also mentioning one from 2016’s Sully. “‘Brace for impact!’ Anything that landed in a movie.”

After hearing that, Kelly Clarkson jokingly revealed that she likes to call the sports balls in her home Wilson too. “We’re like, ‘Grab Wilson, put it in the car,’” the American Idol winner laughed. However, Tom has heard it all before.


“[I get] a little bit of everything,” he said. Some fans would even tell him, “Houston we have a problem!” from his 1970 flick Apollo 13 — but Tom doesn’t find any of these references amusing.

“When Big came out, my dad and my stepmom were in New York and we went to a really fancy restaurant,” he explained to Kelly. “There was a pianist, a harpist and a violinist playing a little bit of music. Suddenly a piano and a harp and a violin started playing ‘Heart and Soul.’ I said, ‘I think this is because of the movie.’“

Tom’s fans would probably continue yelling his movie lines at him until the day he retires. If anything, this just shows how much they love watching the films and resonate with the characters he plays on screen.

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Tom’s wife, Rita Wilson, even finds a lot of inspiration from her husband. When she decided to switch gears in her career and become a singer, her hubby supported her every step of the way!

He was all, “Go, go, go!” she previously explained to Closer Weekly about the Forrest Gump star’s reaction.

“If other people like it, great, but I’m not trying to make them like it or not like it,” she added. “And that makes it so enjoyable and so fun.”