Tom Cruise‘s son, Connor, and Kirstie Alley‘s daughter, Lillie, have reportedly formed a special relationship following the recent death of Lillie’s fiancé.

According to a new report, Connor Cruise, 20, has been comforting Lillie, also 20, after her childhood sweetheart, Nick Trela, was sadly killed in a motorcycle accident in November 2014.

connor cruise and lillie parker

Connor (left) and Lillie (right) on Jan. 17, 2015.

Since then, Lillie — who is Kirstie’s adopted daughter with her second husband, Parker Stevenson — has documented her relationship with Connor on her social media accounts. She often refers to him as her “best friend” and the pair have been spotted hanging out together in NYC and LA.

connor cruise

Connor with his parents and sister, Isabella, in 1996.

Connor — who was adopted by Tom and his now ex-wife Nicole Kidman — reportedly first met Lillie at the Scientology school, The Delphian Academy, in Oregon. He later befriended his pal’s mom, Kirstie.

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Their parents, Tom, 52, and Kirstie, 64, are also good friends through their joint Scientology beliefs.

lillie parker

Lillie (left) with her mom and brother, William, in 2005.

On Jan. 14, the former ‘Cheers’ star sent Connor a sweet message via her Twitter account. “Good morning Connor… miss you, thank you for being there for all of us… love you,” she wrote.

Connor sweetly replied, “Miss you too!!!!! Much love!”

The Daily Mail‘ first reported this story.